Review: Danger Mouse toys

Danger Mouse and Penfold toys with a Mark IV Danger Car toy in the background.

Danger Mouse made a return to our screens last year and was warmly welcomed by younger viewers and those of us old enough to remember the original series alike. With the popularity of the new one, it was only a matter of time before toys became available. And here they are. Made by Jazwares, the Danger Mouse range looks set to transfer the fun from television screens to the living room floors in front of them!

As soon as I saw the range at the London Toy Fair earlier this year, I knew Dylan and Xander would be interested. The toys are true to the animation. As I’ve found with other things that we’ve got for them over the years, this isn’t always the case. They’re a lot more poseable than some figures, which can only be a good thing for encouraging creative play.

Danger Mouse and the Mark IV Danger Car with its wings popped out.

The Mark IV Danger Car comes with a three-inch Danger Mouse figure. It has a couple of features that my little secret agents enjoyed playing with. In addition to a functioning boot it has pop-out wings to transform it into the Danger Plane. As well as being used to recreate favourite episodes, it has been pushed into action giving other toys a lift to the dining room. Very community spirited, I must say.

Launch and Fly Penfold with his boots and launcher.

Launch and Fly Penfold does exactly as his name suggests. DM’s trusty sidekick comes with a pair of heavy duty boots and a launcher. Once he’s wearing said boots, he can be placed in the launcher and pinged into the air. The boys both took great delight in seeing who could propel poor Penfold the furthest to yells of “Oh crumbs” – and he got some good air time!

Two young boys playing with Danger Mouse toys.

There are plenty of other toys in the Danger Mouse range too. These include a Talk and Pose DM anda Secret Agent Kit for dressing up. Other action figures include Commander-In-Chief Colonel K and, of course, our hero’s nemesis Baron Greenback and Nero. Plush toys are also available.

The Mark IV Danger Car has an RRP of £14.99 while Launch and Fly Penfold is available for £7.99.


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