Review: Babble Band

The Babble Band parent unit and wristband.

Wearable technology has been one of the big developments in recent years. Here’s a great use of it that I wish I’d thought of! Summer Infant’s Babble Band is the world’s first wearable audio monitor. We’ve been using it for the last few weeks ahead of its UK launch.

First impressions can count for a lot and the Babble Band didn’t disappoint. Both the baby unit and the wearable parent unit are made of high-quality materials. The wristband is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear and both units are very intuitive.

Despite being significantly lighter than any of the baby monitors we’ve used to date, it’s anything but lightweight in terms of what it can do. It picks up even the quietest of sounds and has a couple of features that I really like.

Firstly, it doubles as a charger for the wristband – you simply hold the band above it and it snaps in place via a magnet and starts charging immediately. Secondly, should you misplace the wristband while it has charge and is switched on, switching off the parent unit will cause the band to bleep to help you find it. All very clever stuff!

When fully charged, the wristband can be used for over eight hours continuously. It also has a range of 250 metres, so there’s no problem if you need to rush outside to rescue the washing from the British summer while your little one has a nap.

If you do walk out of range, the wristband alerts you by bleeping until you’re back in range. It also boasts three different monitoring modes – that you can toggle between simply via a push of a button – to ensure you’re aware of noise or movement. As well as the audio, there’s an indicator light and a vibrate function so, when Amelie made even the slightest of sounds, we were well aware!

I’ve been very impressed with this monitor. It does the job with aplomb, looks good and, being lightweight and with only three pieces – namely the parent unit, wristband and plug for charging – is much more portable than others. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a new baby monitor.

The Babble Band has an RRP of £49.99.

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