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Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things you can experience in life and, with five of us living in a two-bedroom house, it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to have the dubious pleasure of doing so again before too long.

Our last move couldn’t have been more stressful if, for some inexplicable reason, we’d tried! Kate was eight months pregnant with Dylan and we were moving to the next county. We also had to move in two stages due to another buyer further up the chain dragging their heels. It was cheaper to hire vans twice than it would have been to wait as we would have had to pay the managing agent of our flat a hefty half-yearly maintenance fee if we entered another calendar month.

We stayed with my parents – who live near where we do now – for a fortnight before finally making the move to the place we now call home. Getting there was the first battle and we didn’t make life easy for ourselves. Despite being highly organised with sorting out all the admin with bills, making sure we had the right level of home insurance cover as we were moving from a flat to a house and redirecting mail, we were woefully prepared with physically moving things.

Although we didn’t have much large furniture or any kitchen appliances to bring, we still had a lot of stuff to move and massively underestimated the work that would be involved. My parents came to visit us once or twice a month and, if we’d been smart, we would have sent boxes back with them each time to reduce the load. We had known the plan for a while and it was a missed opportunity.

On our moving out day, my parents turned up in convoy. Mum in the car and Dad in the van we’d hired – just to complicate things further, I don’t drive and Kate had literally just passed her test. The car was soon full and Kate and Mum headed off. Dad and I continued packing the van, only to realise we had enough to fill it twice!

A two-hour return journey to their house followed and we were still shifting the last few boxes when our buyer and estate agent turned up to see why we hadn’t dropped in the keys yet. Fortunately, our buyer wasn’t moving in herself so there were no problems, but I still felt guilty as we’d inconvenienced just about everyone involved with our nonchalant approach.

Thankfully, moving in wasn’t as stressful as we had quickly learned from our mistakes. Our vendors turned out to be just as slow as we were and it took us ten minutes to get the knack of opening our new front door too, but we made it without Kate going into labour early which had been my biggest fear all along!

We couldn’t have done it without the help we received, both from my parents and on the legal side. I know for a fact that both our conveyancer and the estate agent we bought from personally read the riot act to the ditherer further up the chain and we could have been waiting another month without them.

So, to summarise, moving home can be horribly stressful. And we haven’t even moved with kids yet!

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Disclosure: I teamed up with Together Mutual Insurance (@TogetherIns) to talk about my moving home experiences. 

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