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A fitness tracker and a medal.

I do enjoy a challenge-based blog post and this has to be one of the most fun to date. Simplyhealth sent me and my best mate, Rob to take part in a mysterious event. They also sent me a Fitbit Flex to track my movement.

The event in question was Enigma Escape. As its name suggests, it’s an immersive game the point of which is to find your way out. We were locked in a room and had 60 minutes to escape by solving puzzles and cracking codes. The premise was that we had gone to see a film called ‘The Killer’, had fainted in our seats and woken locked in a cage. Eek!

I’m not allowed to fully disclose what happens as it would ruin the point of it for others. However, it was a daunting prospect. We were both convinced that we would fail and get locked in. If you’re old enough to remember The Crystal Maze, it was like that. Albeit without an eccentric bald man playing a harmonica.

We had to choose a team name so, to once again show our age, we called ourselves Team Urban Cookie Collective. We did this in the hope that we would have the key and, indeed, the secret. We’re truly sorry.

Now, obviously, we were in a fairly confined space so it wasn’t possible to hurtle around. As a result, the stats recorded on my Fitbit page don’t look all that impressive at first glance.

A bar graph showing the number of steps taken in a day.

There are no green bars to indicate intense exercise and I only got to the orange ones – for moderate exercise – as the time ticked away and we got to a part of the challenge that involved a fair amount of moving around, but the important thing is that I was constantly moving for whole hour. In total, I clocked just under 1,000 steps which accounts for 10% of my daily target. Not bad at all!

So how did we fare? Despite reaching what was obviously the denouement of the experience with around 15 minutes to go, Rob and I were both still convinced that we were going to run out of time. It felt as though there was still a lot to do – which is testament to the atmosphere created for the game – but we managed to escape with over eight minutes to spare. We were very pleased with ourselves and a little surprised as well!

Two men holding 'survivor' signs in front of a timer.

Anything that makes exercise feel like less of a chore gets two thumbs up from me. I really enjoyed taking part in the Simplyhealth challenge. I also heartily recommend both getting a fitness tracker if you don’t own one already and having a go at Enigma Escape.

Disclosure: I was sent a Fitbit Flex to use and keep and our Enigma Escape tickets were bought for us.

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