I’ve joined the Netflix Stream Team!

The Netflix Stream Team badge

I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined the Netflix Stream Team. During the next year, I’ll be working with Netflix to keep you up to speed with what’s available to watch on the hugely popular platform.

We’ve already been made to feel very welcome indeed – Netflix sent a welcome pack including an iPad mini, a couple of LEGO sets linked to shows that can be streamed and some snacks as well as some Netflix-branded items. Dylan and Xander don’t know about the iPad mini yet. Don’t judge me.

An iPad mini and a Netflix mug.

I have to admit to having never used Netflix before but, after just a few days of having it at my disposal, am already thinking of getting rid of some of the other TV channels I pay a premium for every month. There are loads of things on there that Kate and I have wanted to watch for ages as well as a plethora of things that Dylan, Xander and Amelie will absolutely love.

With so many series and films available and the boys inevitably having conflicting views as to what to watch next, I was glad that Netflix sent us a means of deciding that can’t be disputed. Remember the fortune tellers you made back in your school days? Yes, it’s one of them!

Two young boys using a paper fortune teller.

So far, Ninjago seems to be the front runner – Dylan and Xander were both beyond excited to discover their favourite show on the home screen – but there could be a new pretender in the form of Voltron: Legendary Defender which launched over the weekend. This new series by DreamWorks follows the fortunes of five teenagers who find themselves piloting robotic lions in an intergalactic war.

A screenshot of an episode of Voltron.

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s just the kind of thing I enjoyed as a kid and they seem to like it too. The storyline involves the characters having to work together to form Voltron so, to help us get into the team spirit, Netflix also sent us some basketball gear. So, while we’re not watching our new heroes fighting off the forces of evil, we’ll be beating boredom in the summer!

A basketball, bag, wristbands and a hat all with the Voltron branding.

We’re all looking forward to discovering plenty more new shows and films and sharing our finds – watch this space and, indeed, Netflix!

Disclosure: Netflix sent me the items described in this post as well as providing a year’s membership.


  1. Sunny Shores

    you’r whole concept of family media entertainment is going to shift. We’ve been Netflix fans for decades now and it saves us so much time and money. Movie night is a special family night with popcorn and memory building. Ya’ll are gonna love it! (from ya’lls cousins across the pond)

  2. Ram

    Awesome! I have been using netflix for years now and its amazing…Voltron seems to be very interesting and I am pretty sure my son will love it..Thanks!

  3. Morgan Prince

    We LOVE Netflix! We stopped paying for Sky years ago because Netflix offers so much more choice, and more of the things we’ll watch. We used to pay more than £70 per month for sky (!!) whereas we won’t even pay that in a whole year for Netflix. We’ve watched things like Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Orange is the new Black (new series SOON), and my boys love Ninjago, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Great post Tom. 🙂

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