Introducing my #BML16 sponsor: WaveWall!

The WaveWall Classic phone case.

I’m delighted to announce WaveWall as my sponsor for #BML16. Having missed last year’s conference – in its old guise of BritMums Live – I was especially keen to be there this time but it wasn’t looking likely due to everything I earn going on food and bills! I could only attend with the help of a sponsor and I’m particularly pleased to be partnering with a brand that has health at its heart.

WaveWall phone cases have been specially designed to stop harmful radiation from causing unseen damage to the human body. The Classic case was created for those who keep their phones in their pockets with male fertility in mind. Meanwhile, the latest addition to the range – the WaveWall Flip – opens in such a way that it prevents radiation from reaching the head.

The WaveWall logo.


They do this via some clever technology that sits between one of the inner and outer layers of the cases. A shielding material made of metal fibres – and that works in the same way as the mesh microwave ovens have inside their doors – bounces the waves away from your body without affecting the signal, so you can still receive calls and messages. Very clever indeed.

Two images of a flip-open phone case showing it closed and open.

Studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause all three of the main symptoms of male infertility. Independent testing has shown that WaveWall cases can reduce exposure to radiation by up to 87% and, with infertility already affecting one in 25 men, this can only be a good thing.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of WaveWall. They protect you as well as your phone, are made of good-quality materials and look great too. I’d go one step further, in fact – I believe that smartphone shops should have a duty of care to cross-sell this kind of technology with new phones. They’re well aware of the damage that radiation can do after all. The cases retail at £24.99 – a small price to pay given the protection they provide against radiation.

I’m really looking forward to attending the conference, meeting up with faces old and new and brushing up my blogging skills. I’m really grateful to WaveWall for helping me to be there. In the meantime, check out the WaveWall site for more information about the cases and the science behind them.

You can also follow WaveWall on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: WaveWall is covering my expenses for #BML16.

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