I’m supporting Iceland with #PowerOfFrozen

A man wearing an Iceland T-shirt and holding an Iceland flag.

As a football fan of over 30 years’ bitter experience, I’ve learned not to get too excited about England’s chances in major tournaments. They always promise much but ultimately disappoint. Of course, I’m hoping to be proved wrong this time but, just in case, I’ve found myself a second team to cheer on during Euro 2016. First timers Iceland may be ranked 34 in the world but, with a namesake synonymous with football-friendly food, what’s not to like?

Iceland only has a population the size of Coventry but we’ve just witnessed a Premier League season in which the title was won by underdogs, Leicester City. Thinking back to 1992, their fellow Scandinavians Denmark stunned the football world by winning the tournament having been drafted in at the last minute. So there are three more reasons why they’re worth supporting.

A close-up of two pizzas.

As well as encouraging people to support Iceland as a second team, the frozen food experts are keen to remind fans that quick and easy meals are a must while enjoying the beautiful game. They challenged me to create a #PowerOfFrozen football feast suitable for the whole family to enjoy while cheering on Gylfi Sigurðsson et al.

We decided to go for a ‘fakeaway’ of frozen food that was ready to pop in the oven. It was no easy task choosing what to get as there were many tasty-looking options available. In the end though, we got a couple of rising dough pizzas – BBQ pulled pork and Indian chicken – a Let’s Eat American boneless box, American-style southern fried wedges and battered onion rings as well as some garlic and herb dough balls.

A close-up of some onion rings, dough balls and fried chicken.

And that’s not all, we had enough left for drinks and snacks too so we got an Old Speckled Hen mini keg, some Doritos Chilli Heatwave corn chips and a couple of packs of Cadbury Amaze Bites. A veritable football feast, I’m sure you’ll agree!

We were given £30 to spend and, given that the beer accounted for almost half of that figure, I think the food was great value for money. It was all good quality and there were clean plates all round – a sure sign that it was enjoyed by all.

A father and his sons watching football and celebrating a goal.

Iceland’s first game kicks off at 8pm on 14 June and, as you can see, we’ve already started rehearsing for a headline-grabbing win over Portugal. We’ve kept some of our Iceland food back for the occasion too, so will enjoying that as we roar our new second team to victory!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Simon

    Denmark in ’92 and Leicester this year are the kind of stories you always want to happen if you’re team is out of the running – so Iceland are a great second team!

  2. John Adams

    Wow Tom, you really went for it. I think that’s about a year’s worth of pizzas you have there! Hope you enjoy the Iceland v Portugal game tomorrow.

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