Review: Harry Kane Skills Ball & Volley Blaster

The Harry Kane Volley Blaster and Skills Ball.

With Euro 2016 now in full swing, Dylan and Xander are taking more of an interest in football. Being Spurs fans like me, their hero is Harry Kane, so we were all excited at the prospect of reviewing the new Skills Ball and Volley Blaster he has put his name to.

The Harry Kane Skills Ball has been designed to help develop touch, control and co-ordination and can be used both indoors and out – although, despite the fact that we had to make the video further down the page inside, I recommend taking it outside! At 5.5cm in diameter, it’s quite small but this can only be of benefit for learning the basics and building upon them – and it’s no coincidence that South Americans who are synonymous with mesmerising skills start with small-scale footballs like this.

The Harry Kane Skills Ball and Volley Blaster.

As its name suggests, the Harry Kane Volley Blaster has been created to perfect volley technique and it’s also useful when it comes to helping kids literally get their keepy uppy skills off the ground. The boot-shaped part has a button which launches the ball into the air. As it’s attached to a cord, it means that the ball can’t be lost in flowerbeds – an eternally thorny problem for kids and parents alike! – and it also enables closer control for those getting the hang of juggling the ball with their feet.

As part of the review, we were asked to take part in a skills challenge. It was nice and straightforward – a friendly keepy uppy competition. I was quietly confident; I play five-a-side every week so I have fast feet and decent ball skills. Or so I thought! Using a significantly smaller ball like this is a completely different proposition to the full-size one I’m used to!

Anyway, here’s how we did…

The Harry Kane Skills Ball has an RRP of £4.99 while the Harry Kane Volley Blaster is available for £9.99.

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