Father’s Day with Next

A father and son in matching clothes.

I really enjoyed taking part in the Next Father’s Day campaign last year so was delighted when they got in touch to ask if I’d like to participate again. As Dylan was my ‘mini me’ last time, it was only fair that Xander got a turn at copying my style this year. He was very excited to be taking part and was going round telling anyone and everyone that he was going to be in a photo shoot!

As the weather promised to be better than when we took part last year, we decided to go for a bit more of a summery look. I went for a striped teal T-shirt, belted charcoal cargo shorts, a teal zip-through hoody, some grey pump trainers and a pair of silver classic sunglasses.

A father and son in matching clothes.

Obviously, the aim of the game was for us to match as much as possible, so we went for similar garments and designs for Xander. With a little guidance, he chose a striped navy-and-white T-shirt, navy linen blend shorts, an indigo zip-through hoody, some blue star laceless pumps and a pair of preppy style sunglasses.

While we weren’t in like-for-like colours, the styles were the same and I think this worked out well as it enabled us to look good as individuals as well as making a fine double act.

A father and son in matching clothes.

Once again, we decided to take the photos in my parents’ garden. There were two reasons for this; first of all it provides plenty of beautiful backdrops and secondly because there were fewer people around for Xander to show off in front of!

Fortunately, the weather behaved itself and so did Xander and I think the pictures turned out well. We’re also really pleased with our new clothes, so big thanks to Next for asking us to join in again!

A father and son in matching clothes.

Disclosure: Next provided us with clothes of our choice to produce this post with.

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