The Walking Dad

A spoof TV show poster with the words "The Walking Dad"

Today is a proud landmark for me – this is my 500th post! So much has changed since I wrote my first one, but I think I’ve stayed true to the roots that it established by writing in the same voice, talking about family life and sporadically mentioning zombies!

In the time that I’ve been writing Diary of the Dad, we’ve gone from having one child to three and it has gone from my new hobby to my full-time job. It is, without doubt, my proudest work and I’m lucky to finally be doing something I love for a living. But enough of the gushy stuff… this post is about flesh-eating fiends!

When I first decided to write a blog, I felt like a zombie so decided to call it Dawn of the Dad. Only, someone else had already thought of that. My second choice was to name it after one of George A Romero’s later zombie flicks, Diary of the Dead. Admittedly, not many people get the reference. Had I left it a little longer, I would probably have named it after a certain TV show that started soon afterwards and that I’ve become obsessed with. I think ‘The Walking Dad’ is taken too now!

This leads me to the main subject of this post though. You may not want to read further if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and aren’t up to date.

Somehow or other, all three of my children have shown signs lately that they might know about my favourite show. I’ve no idea how as I hide the DVDs and comics and don’t talk about them in their presence.

First of all, Xander found a long-forgotten teddy bear in a cupboard and decided to call him Walker. The bear is a bit tatty and does drag its feet when he makes it pretend to move around. A definite nod, methinks!

Then, Amelie’s baby babble resulted in a fearsome name being uttered. “Negan! Negan!” she says. She’s only five months old. How does she know?!

Finally, Dylan was choosing a toy to play with the other day and they were lined up in front of him. And how did he decide? Yep. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” He keeps saying it as well and I’m developing a nervous twitch as a result.

So, unless I’m just reading too much into it, my kids definitely know about The Walking Dead and seem to see themselves on Negan’s side. This would make me either Rick or one of the walkers – and, as I mentioned in my first post, I identify with them.

If the emails I’ve had from TV documentary producers over the last few years are anything to go by though – this is nothing special, by the way; if you’re a dad blogger you get them all the time! – then dads are the new zombies.

The vampires had their time, the zombies are enjoying theirs now and it’s our turn next. Day of the Dad, if you will.

Anyway, that’s enough zombie references for one post. Thanks very much for reading.


  1. David Shaul - DadvWorld

    Great post! I hope it’s not too long before I can earn a full time wage from my writing as I already do it full time ish! I’m going to have to watch the walking dead I reckon!

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