Six months old already!

A baby girl biting a teething toy.

Yesterday was a quiet and largely uneventful day that was the polar opposite of a Sunday exactly six months beforehand. There was one important similarity though: the youngest member of the family providing a memorable highlight. Despite causing us no small amount of worry and a mad dash to the second nearest hospital back in November, Amelie’s arrival was the reason to celebrate. I can’t believe that happened six months ago!

I can’t quite remember how quickly Dylan and Xander reached various milestones – if only I had some kind of permanent digital record I could consult – but it really feels like the time has passed so much faster than when they were babies. Amelie is now rolling around like a boss and showing signs that we’re going to have to start moving things up a shelf or two before long.

She’s also moved from her crib to her cot and *whispers* has quickly got into a pretty good sleep routine with very little fuss. On a similar note, she has successfully avoided the ‘I hate bathtime’ phase and can be relied upon to go berserk as soon as she’s in the tub. Consequently, I still hate said time of day as I get completely and utterly soaked, but at least it’s for a new reason now.

We’ve started trying to introduce food as well, but this is something she remains unsure of. So far, she has turned her nose up at apple porridge, banana porridge and puréed apple. Perhaps Xander has somehow put her off her highchair by getting his head stuck in it. She did seem quite interested in my mum’s chicken and leek pie though. Fret not – the camera angle here is deceptive and she wasn’t as close as she appears to be!

She’s a very vocal little girl and delights in babbling as soon as she wakes up. She loves music too. Her favourite at the moment is Sur La Planche by La Femme. Yes, it’s the one on the car advert with the fish jumping through puddles to get to the sea. I liked them before that though. Just saying. Maybe we’ve confused her by giving her a name with such Gallic connotations and she thinks she’s French.

It would explain a lot. According to a book Kate read, children in France are much better sleepers and appear to have more respect for their parents too.

How soon can you give babies Brie and baguettes, I wonder?


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