Review: Flymo Contour Cordless XT

The Flymo Contour Cordless XT trimmer.

Now that the decent weather is well and truly here, it’s time to do the gardening that you’ve been putting off for ages. I’m sure I can’t be the only person that statement is true of! One of the outdoor jobs I least look forward to every year is cutting the grass.

Although small, our lawn is a nightmare – uneven, unruly and highly attractive to the neighbourhood cats! Thanks to my new Flymo Contour Cordless XT trimmer though, giving it its first short back and sides of the year has been a breeze.

A close-up of a grass trimmer showing the battery and handle.

Until now, I’ve done the job with a primitive push-along mower and my dad’s old strimmer that lasts about ten minutes before apologetically spluttering to a standstill. Now, obviously, anything was going to compare favourably to this not-so-dynamic duo but as I hadn’t cut the grass since late September, I felt that this would be a stern test. Levelling the playing field, if you will – even though our garden is anything but level!

Close-up of the trimmer's head, showing the plant guard and trimming wheel.

Despite the grass being long and all over the place, the Contour made light work of it. This is thanks in no small part to its powerful motor, which is driven by an 18V rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for around 25 minutes which will be more than enough to do the job in one charge. Admittedly, I needed to recharge once I was about two thirds of the way through, but this was to be expected given the months of growth that needed cutting!

There are two features that I found particularly handy. The plant guard and the in-line edging functionality. I’m notorious for taking out flowers while I’m cutting the grass so the guard is a smart addition. It gently pushes them out the way as you near flowerbeds and I’m pleased to report that there were no casualties!

A trimmer cutting the edge of a lawn.

Saving the best for last, the edging wheel is an innovative feature that I really like. With the push of a button, the head of the trimmer turns on its side where it can be locked in place. The grey disc behind the plant guard becomes said wheel which makes defining the edge of the lawn quick and easy.

Anything that speeds up gardening gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s an affordable entry level trimmer that, for me, feels like it has the power of a model designed for heavier use so I’m very happy to recommend it.

The Flymo Contour Cordless XT is available from £64.99.

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