NSPCC Big Board Game Day

A father and his children playing a board game.

We love playing board games in our family so were happy to help out when the NSPCC got in touch about their Big Board Game Day event which takes place on 27 May.

As you’re probably aware, the NSPCC leads the fight against child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. They help children who’ve been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk and find the best ways of preventing child abuse from ever happening.

Big Board Game Day is an opportunity for anyone from families and groups of friends through to schools and work colleagues to raise some much-needed funds for the charity. We all know the importance of playing to children and it’s an important device to the NSPCC too; children they help are often encouraged to explore their feelings through play as it’s a safe way of expressing themselves.

The event is supported by Hasbro Gaming, who sent us a couple of family-friendly games to show how you can take part. The games in question were KerPlunk and Pie Face. Dylan and Xander were particularly excited at the prospect of the latter! We were also sent a fundraising pack, full of ideas and inspiration.

We started off with a game of KerPlunk. After attempting to explain to the boys that the idea was to dislodge as few of the marbles as possible – and failing miserably – we started. They were both disappointed in the early stages as none came down and even more so when I removed the wrong stick and most of them did. Until I pointed out to Dylan that this made him the winner and Xander a close second!

Then it was time for Pie Face. I know for a fact that there was quite a lot of cheating involved as I was the only person who ended up getting a face full of whipped cream. Several times over. Oh well, it made them happy!

Xander then remembered that he’d been given Monoply Junior for his birthday, so we played that too. Again, I can’t help but feel he used the joker card from the fundraising pack – which allows players to cheat in exchange for an extra donation – to full advantage as he swiped all of my money.

Big Board Game Day encourages players to unleash their inner gamers and the fundraising pack included stickers to reflect the types of players there are. Dylan, ever the stickler, was The Rule Master while Xander was The Lucky One…

At five months old and largely baffled by everything, Amelie was The Puzzled Player. This left me as the grudging recipient of The Sore Loser sticker, even though I took defeat, cheating and whipped cream with good grace!

To be honest, it was complete and utter chaos, but we all had fun and Dylan and Xander were happy when I told them that taking part helped other children and, as far as I’m concerned, this made everyone a winner.

There’s still time to sign up and take part. Head over to the Big Board Game Day site and let the games commence!

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