Father’s Day with find-a-present-uk

A father carrying his son while walking along a beach.

Father’s Day is just over a month away and, unsurprisingly, I’m a big fan of this particular annual observance! Even though great progress has been made, there are still outdated attitudes towards dads in several pockets of society – I’m looking at you, “Is it Mum’s day off?” sorts – so I think it’s nice to have a day for acknowledging the role that good dads play.

The biggest problem that many people seem to have, though, is knowing what to get their old man as a small token of their appreciation. I have to confess that I always struggle with ideas for my dad, mainly because he always maintains that he can’t think of anything he needs and tells me not to worry about it.

Of course, I always want to get him a little something to say thank you for everything he still does for me, so I either end up furtively looking through his music collection to find if there are any Beatles or Bob Dylan albums he hasn’t got or trawling through several different sites for gift ideas.

Fortunately, I’ve found a great solution that doesn’t involve secretly rifling through his CDs! Find-a-present-uk is a nifty website that very much does what its name suggests. It pulls in thoughtful gift ideas from several different online stores, allowing you to compare and contrast without flicking between several tabs on your browser. There’s plenty of variety too – from gadgets, books and homeware to personalised gifts and experiences.

Another thing I liked about the site is the inclusion of dad facts interspersed with the gift ideas. For example, did you know that the first Father’s Day was in 1940 or that, contrary to popular belief, the most-bought gift is something other than socks?! A nice touch, I thought.

There’s something for every different interest I can think of and I’m pleased to report that I’m in the unusual position of actually having several ideas this year. I’m not saying what they are though as he’ll be reading this!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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