Review: Sealy Select Response Clusterfill Pillow

A brand new pillow in its packaging.

I’ve written about my battles with sleep a lot on here and also work with brands more now that I make a living out of blogging, so this is right up my street! I’ve joined Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper panel, the point of which is to test out different things said to help with the important matter of getting a good night’s kip.

For my first challenge, I was sent a Sealy Select Response Clusterfill Pillow and asked to take note of my sleeping patterns for two weeks without it before trying it out to see if it affected the quality of my sleep. As soon as it arrived I was confident that it would be a massive improvement. It looked super-comfy, ticked the hypo-allergenic box and was bigger than my two old pillows put together.

Having to wait two weeks was torture – I felt like a modern day Tantalus with it in sight but, figuratively speaking, just out of reach. Still, I do what I’m told so waited until 14 days had passed before putting it in place. Thanks to my fitness tracker, I know exactly how well I slept over the two-week period. I got an average of around six hours a night, but was awake several times each night.

So far, I’ve had a couple of days using the Sealy pillow. If felt weird at first – actually having adequate support under my head and neck was an alien sensation! On my first night, I got around five hours, but there was a pretty big confounding variable to the experiment. Amelie. She woke up at 5am and would only go back to sleep with me holding her. That was my night over! Before then, however, I only registered as awake/restless twice and that is very unusual.

Last night, I got an unprecedented nine hours, again with significantly fewer instances of being awake. Before I checked on my sleep stats though, I knew I’d had a better quality of sleep thanks to a fairly unscientific yet telling factor – I had bedhead on the back of my bonce rather than on both sides! I had obviously got into a comfortable position and stayed there without needing to move around as much.

According to some information I was sent with the pillow, it naturally responds to body temperature and this, along with the obvious difference in quality of material inside, must have played a part.

It may only have been a couple of days, but it has definitely made a difference so I’ll be sticking with it.

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