Decorating Kids Bedrooms with Dulux

A bedroom painted in a superhero theme.

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration.

As we’re a family of five currently inhabiting a two-bedroom house, it will be of little surprise that we’re planning on moving home this year. One of the things we’ve promised Dylan and Xander to get them used to the idea is that they’ll be allowed to help decorate their rooms.

I was interested, then, to read some recent research by Dulux to coincide with its new Kids Bedrooms campaign, which encourages parents and kids to decorate together.

The research revealed that decorating their bedrooms ranks as the second most important thing children have ever done. It was only beaten by having a birthday party and came well ahead of other childhood milestones like naming a pet, their first day at school and losing their first tooth.

Furthermore, an amazing 92% said that they were much more likely to spend time in their bedrooms if they’d had a say in the decor. It seems that we had the right idea offering this as an incentive!

A child's bedroom decorated in a jungle theme.

The study took in the responses of 2,000 families and also demonstrated that kids found decorating with their parents a positive experience with 65% saying they felt happy and 58% that they were excited about playing a part.

Parents noted that doing the painting together increased their children’s creativity, sense of ownership and even tidiness so it seems that there’s a lot to be said for allowing kids a say!

One contrasting statistic, however, showed that although 92% of parents agreed that decorating their children’s rooms was important, only a quarter actively involved them.

Most said this was because it was faster not to which I can sympathise with but, looking at the survey’s other findings, it strikes me that it’s well worth the additional time in the long run.

A child's bedroom painted in a sports theme.

This is underlined by leading developmental psychologist Dr Sam Wass: “Children typically create little things, but the bedroom is the first real, permanent thing that they can influence. Involving a child helps them to establish their own inner space and the image that they want to project to others.”

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux adds: “If kids have a say in what their room looks like they’re more likely to spend time in it. But it’s not actually about how it looks – it’s doing it together that’s really important. If you’re already decorating their bedroom and you want them to get the most out it, simply involve them in the decision making process.”

A child's bedroom decorated in a space theme.

All of the bedrooms you can see in this post have been painted with Dulux Endurance+ range, which is 20 times tougher than standard emulsion.

This makes it much easier to wipe away unwanted additional artwork in ‘media’ such as crayon, ketchup and mud without causing damage to the original paintwork underneath.

I’m looking forward to working with my kids on whatever they decide their rooms will look like. Assuming that I can persuade them to have a room each!

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