Become a Superhero with Vileda

A man wearing a superhero cape and using a window vac.

With Dylan and Xander both being more than a little obsessed with comic book characters, I often wonder what my special powers would be if I were a superhero. Amazingly, it turns out, I may actually already have a couple of them already. As part of its new campaign, Vileda is giving people a chance to become grime-fighting heroes simply by using one of the four secret weapons from its electrical range.

Having reviewed both the Windomatic and Cleaning Robot, I’m no stranger to their abilities. They remain strong allies in our never-ending battle against the forces of grubbiness!

The Windomatic quickly sucks condensation into an easy-to-empty container, leaving windows shining and streak free while the Cleaning Robot provides a great way of keeping floors clean with minimum effort as well as causing great excitement among the kids. I was impressed by both devices and still use them on a regular basis.

The range also includes The Steam Mop and The 100˚C Hot Spray Mop. I haven’t used either of these but, if they’re anything like the other two appliances, I’m confident that they’ll do a good job.

According to the Become a Superhero site, using the Windomatic transforms me into The Shape-Shifter while the Cleaning Robot unlocks the alter-ego of The Invisible.

Here’s the complete rundown of what the range can do:

You + The Windomatic = The Shape Shifter – Flexible, Lightweight and Streak-free
You + The Steam Mop = The Speed Demon – Fast, Hygienic Bacteria-killer
You + The 100˚C Hot Spray Mop = The Teleporter – Cordless, Lightweight and Convenient
You + The Cleaning Robot = The Invisible – Intelligent and Rechargeable

Now I’m not greedy so decided to share my new-found powers – plus every self-respecting hero should have a sidekick. As you can see from the main image above, I am The Shape-Shifter. And here’s my trusty companion, She-Ra, AKA The Invisible.

We’re going to clean up this town… starting with our front room. Just don’t go telling anyone our secret identities though, okay?

The Grime Fighting Superheroes Team campaign runs until 8 May. Buy one of Vileda’s secret weapons and you could win the rest of the team. Good luck!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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