Parents Know Best – Top Washing Tips

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Now that we’re a family of five, there isn’t a day in which our washing machine is out of use. Amelie makes sure nothing that she, Kate or I wear remains free of sick while Dylan and Xander have both reached the grubby little boy stage, so it’s all systems go.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Beko have asked parent bloggers including yours truly to share tips that their parents passed on to them to lighten the load when it comes to doing the laundry. I contributed top washing tips I’ve picked up from my mum, dad and grandma and you can read them, along with some great pearls of wisdom from some other bloggers, on Beko’s website.

We’ve all learned loads from our parents and ways of dealing with a mountain of washing is no exception. As it happens, my mum has written books about household uses for vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemons among other things, so I have plenty of them up my (lovely and clean) sleeve! Here are a few more top washing tips that have served me well over the years…

The Jean Genie

This one comes from one of my mum’s books. To remove the stiffness from new jeans – and with it eliminate the John Wayne walk they force you to do – turn them inside out and add 275ml of white vinegar to the wash. Magic!

Worth its salt

If you spill red wine on a white tablecloth and don’t fancy whipping it out from underneath your dishes and glasses to wash immediately, pour some salt onto the spillage. It’ll soak up the worst of it, allowing you to get back to topping up your glass. I’ve heard that people use white wine too, but I’ve never been prepared to try that!

Wipe hype

I’ve never looked at what goes into baby wipes, but they’re amazing and, if you’re fast enough, can remove stains instantly before they get a chance to damage your clothes. Always useful when it’s really cold and you’re down to your last jumper!

Soda so good

One of the many tips involving the miracle substance that is bicarbonate of soda here. If you live in a hard water area and your clothes suffer as a result, put a spoonful of the stuff in the wash to soften the water.

What are your top washing tips?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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