Review: SlowCook Chef

Rancheros Pie cooking in a slow cooker.

If my Twitter timeline is anything to go by I was, until recently, one of the few parent bloggers out there yet to have discovered the wonders of slow cooking. I’m now a fully fledged convert thanks to the team at SlowCook Chef who asked if I’d like to try out and review their service. They sent me the ingredients and recipes for three meals as well as an Andrew James digital slow cooker to cook them in and keep.

SlowCook Chef is a new startup with a mission to help more people enjoy home-cooked meals. They do this by sending pre-portioned ingredients to save time and effort – both with measuring them out and washing up. As it happens, they couldn’t have picked a better time to get in touch as, due to Kate being unwell recently, I was looking after everyone on my own – and it really helped!

There was a choice of menus and we opted for Italian pork stew, Rancheros pie and Thai green curry. All of the ingredients arrived in an innovative temperature-controlled box – which has been designed to eliminate the need for a fridge for up to 36 hours if needs be – along with easy-to-follow instructions. Every last ingredient was clearly labelled so there was little that I needed to do to get started.

Some of the recipes required a quick bit of preparation in a frying pan, but this didn’t take long at all and everything was soon simmering in the slow cooker and smelling amazing! I’m not a particularly confident or, indeed, capable cook – there are only really two or three dishes that I do well – so I found it really handy for several reasons.

As I alluded to before, the instructions were what I would refer to as ‘Tom-proof’, so I was able to get on with things quickly. Secondly, it introduced several ingredients that I’d never cooked with before and finally they were all new meals so I’ve now doubled my repertoire! It was especially useful seeing exactly how much I needed to use.

All three meals were easy to prepare and it was so nice not having to cook in the evening when I was really tired! They were all delicious too. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the Thai green curry, but all of them get a big thumbs up from me. I already feel much more confident in the kitchen as a result of this review so will definitely be making all of them again and trying my hand at other dishes too.

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