Review: MEEM

A MEEM cable.

Here’s a phone charger with a difference; MEEM is unique in that it’s the only gadget of its kind that is also a back-up device. It’s currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a MEEM charger for this review.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always taking pictures of your kids, but rarely get round to backing them up. A lost or damaged phone could mean that precious family memories like these are lost forever – phones can be replaced, but this isn’t true of data. This is where MEEM comes in; it has been designed to ‘mirror’ all the important content on your phone.

All you need to do is attach one end to your phone and another to a power source and it does the rest, starting by prompting you to install the MEEM app. Every time you charge your phone thereafter, you’re backing it up too with no extra effort required. A genius solution to a modern problem! As the data is stored within the charger, it’s safer than cloud storage. This also means that, if you decide to upgrade your phone, you can copy across data – contacts and messages, for example – with ease.

This all sounds very impressive, so how does it perform in practise? The app is visual so is very intuitive as a result. I was asked to create and confirm a PIN and then it was on to charging and backing up. Due to my laziness when it comes to deleting product pictures that I’ve taken for reviews, my phone is already close to capacity so there was a lot to back up.

I was surprised at what light work the MEEM made of it; everything was safely copied across to a new mirror image of my phone’s profile when I returned after 20 minutes. I disconnected the cable, deleted a few text messages and photos then plugged it back in again. Using the mirror version of my phone in the app, I copied the data back across. A few minutes later, I checked the relevant sections of my phone and they were, back where they belonged. Nifty!

It also charged my phone just as quickly as my normal charger does, so I was very impressed. It’s a great bit of tech and I’m really pleased with it.

You can order yours (for Android or iOS) on the MEEM website.


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