Review: Design & Drill BrightWorks

The Design & Drill in use.

Disclosure: I received a Design & Drill BrightWorks set to review and keep.

Did you know that Earth Hour is due to take place tomorrow? At 8.30pm on 19 March 2016, people are being encouraged to switch off any non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for their commitment to the planet.

All being well, the kids will be fast asleep by then. If not, I have a way of keeping them occupied without using any electricity. As part of their Earth Hour campaign, the friendly people at Learning Resources sent us a Design & Drill BrightWorks to review.

The Design & Drill BrightWorks is a great educational toy for children aged between three and seven in that it encourages plenty of important skills. It comprises a black light-up activity board, 80 bolts and a toy power drill. This has forward and backwards settings. Kids can use it to secure the bolts in the board before switching on the light to admire their handiwork.

Detail of the Design & Drill drill bit.

It actually reminds me of two of my favourite toys when I was a child. The first was a toy truck that could be assembled and dismantled with a similar drill. The second was a Lights Alive, which enabled kids to create patterns on a dotted screen and then shine coloured lights through them.

One feature I particularly liked is the interchangeable drill bits. There’s one socket and one flat tip. These and the bolts have been designed in such a way that either bit can be used on any bolt. So children can start off by using the socket bit and move up to the flat tip as their fine motor skills develop.

The Design & Drill in a darkened room, displaying a design.

As well as being great for dexterity, construction skills, colour recognition and counting it nurtures creativity. My sons both seemed to find it very intuitive and enjoyed creating designs as well as patterns by using the colours in sequence. It strikes me that this will also serve them well when they eventually encounter tile-matching games like Tetris and Bejeweled!

To help little designers get started, there is also a guide detailing how to make certain patterns and recognisable shapes including a fish, a jet plane and a sailing boat.

The contents of a Design & Drill set.

The BrightWorks requires three AA batteries and three AAAs and has an RRP of £32, but I’ve also got one to give away.

For your chance to win, enter via as many of the methods as you like in the widget below. Good luck!

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