Bake Mum’s Day

A tray of tea and biscuits.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and Dr. Oetker is on a mission to encourage children to bake their mums special surprise gifts – with the assistance of an adult, of course. To help, they’ve they’ve teamed up with ex Great British Bake Off contestant Ian Cumming to put together a kid-friendly Mother’s Day-themed booklet featuring some simple recipes as well as some pun-tastic baking jokes. To help launch the Bake Mum’s Day booklet, they challenged me, Dylan and Xander to bake one of the tasty treats and add our own twist.

A page from the Dr. Oetker Bake Mum's Day booklet.

We were sent a recipe for some lemon-flavoured, decorated biscuits. The twist I decided on was the addition of a teaspoon of ground ginger to complement the citrus element and add a subtle kick to the finished biscuits. Dylan and Xander love baking and I enjoy making things with them too – even though they get a little over-excited and heavy handed with the sugar!

A child measuring out ingredients.

They both helped to measure out all the ingredients and stir them together. To be honest, Xander would have quite happily used the Microplane to zest the lemon as well as the hand blender but, as he’s both three and a master of disaster, I decided that these were jobs for me. I’m such a spoilsport, I know…

A child pouring flour into a cookie dough mix.

Once the dough had cooled and both boys had finished sniffing it – it did smell amazing, to be fair – we rolled it out between two large pieces of baking parchment. They both proved a dab hand at this and were soon ready to use their cookie cutters. At this point, they chose to add a twist of their own, selecting butterflies, stars and letters instead of the round ones I’d got out for them.

Some biscuits on a tray ready to go in the oven.

Once the biscuits had been chilled a second time, we baked them for around 25 minutes before allowing them to cool. They were very excited about the next bit – and the child in me was too! – as it was time to decorate their creations. We used some Dr. Oetker Designer Icing and Mini Wafer Flowers.

Dylan and Xander are both very pleased with their finished efforts and I think Kate will be too. It’s a lovely way for them to show their appreciation for everything she does for them. Of course, being little boys, there’s an element of excitement about eating some of the biscuits too, but I think they understood why we were baking them and enjoyed baking with me too!

If you would like to get creative at home with your kids, you can download the Bake Mum’s Day recipe book here.

Dr. Oetker Twitter competition

For more family-friendly recipes, head over to They are also running a competition on Twitter to win a copy of the book as well as some baking goodies. To enter, just retweet their competition tweet and follow @DrOetkerBakes.

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration.


  1. Simon

    My wife loves baking with our daughter, so ironically it would be a big mother’s day treat for her to bake these herself with the kid!

  2. John Adams

    I often bake with my youngest. I think these biscuits would be ideal to make with her. Love the pics of Xander and Dylan cooking. It’s quite refreshing to see a fully functioning kitchen!

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