Sleeping habits around the world

One of the subjects I’ve become most interested in since becoming a parent is sleep. Perhaps that’s because I don’t get enough of it and have got used to feeling sluggish. Some people obsess about the one that got away or aspire to owning something they’ll never afford but, for me, a good kip is the holy grail! I was interested, then, when I was sent this infographic about sleeping habits around the world.

I find it fascinating how different cultures approach things and I’m sure there are some pearls of wisdom I’d do well to follow among them. For example, 59% of Mexicans have a bath or shower before bed while 19% of Canadians sleep with their socks on. I’ve heard it rumoured that it’s better that way!

Elsewhere, nomads like the Temiars from Indonesia sleep whenever they are tired while NASA has discovered that naps of more than two hours can improve your memory and concentration.

Of course, having a decent mattress is central to sleeping well and Mattress Next Day Рwho produced the following infographic Рoffers a self-explanatory service for making sure you can get forty winks in comfort.


An infographic about sleeping habits from around the world.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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