Review: Whisbear

A happy baby girl in her cot with her Whisbear.

Sleep is a subject that comes up regularly on this blog; thanks in no small part to the fact that Xander still wakes me up every night. Bless. As you may imagine, I’m very keen for Amelie not to follow in her brother’s footsteps so have been looking out for something to help establish good sleeping habits and here is the answer: Whisbear.

Whisbear is an award-winning toy from Poland that has been inspired by children’s drawings and designed to soothe babies to sleep. He does this via a ‘shushing device’ which emits white noise – which babies will be familiar with from their time in the womb. He is different to other baby sleep aids that I’ve encountered in that the device has a cry sensor function so, if the baby starts to rouse, he will immediately start playing the sound again.

Whisbear with the device that emits white noise to help babies sleep.

Now I have to admit that we didn’t introduce Whisbear to Amelie as soon as she was born – indeed, it is suitable for use from day one – and there’s also the fact that we haven’t got her into a proper routine yet due to all the growth spurts she’s been through, but I’ve already seen enough to be confident that he’ll be an invaluable addition to her cot!

The shushing sound definitely distracts her attention when she starts expressing her dissatisfaction with something and Whisbear has been the happy recipient of plenty of her smiles so we’re off to a good start. She also seems to be interested in the contrasting bright colours on his legs and I’m sure it won’t take her long to discover that they have different textures. In addition, two of the legs and both ears rustle, making the bear a sensory toy as well as a reliable sleep aid.

A view of the different colours and textures on Whisbear's legs.

Another really useful feature is the addition of magnets to all four paws. This means he can be safely attached to a cot or pram while doing the all-important job of keeping little ones asleep. I’ve taken to wearing Whisbear like a watch while cradling Amelie to sleep and she does seem to drop off sooner – little tip for you, there!

I think Whisbear is a lovely idea for little ones – and, indeed, their parents! – and am pretty sure that Amelie feels the same way. I love products that have clearly had a lot of thought put into them and am very happy to recommend him to other parents.

Whisbear has an RRP of £39.90.


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