How well do babies see?

A three-picture collage, showing a baby at one, two and three months of age.

Amelie is just over three months old now and we’re starting to witness all kinds of new characteristics as she changes more and more each day. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that I seem to have been getting an increased number of smiles – I even got her first laugh at the weekend too.

At first, I assumed that it’s just because I’m naturally hilarious but, upon discovering this tool by Vision Direct, have realised that it’s probably because she can now see me from further away and is giving me more grins to say hello.

I often find myself wondering how far babies see as she regularly looks in my direction without seeming to make eye contact. When I earned that precious first laugh the other day, I was standing about four feet away – was she laughing at the face I was pulling or the silly dance I was doing? Well now I have a better idea!

This tool has been developed by opticians and allows parents to get a clearer idea of how their babies’ eyesight develops during their first year. Input your child’s age and the image will change to show you the level of detail they can see. You can then use a click-and-drag slider to watch how their eyesight becomes sharper over time. Each stage includes tips to help support this development.

If you hadn’t guessed already, the pictures above show Amelie at one, two and three months of age and, having had a close look at the expression in her eyes in each image, it seems to tally very well with the level of detail in the corresponding pictures on the tool. It’s fascinating stuff and, best of all, I now know exactly how far away to stand for optimum laughs!

To find out how well babies see, click on the image below.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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