Six weeks old already!

A smiling baby.

For someone with big blogging plans for 2016, I have to admit that I’ve been a little slow out the blocks this year. There are two reasons for this tardiness on my part; the inhumanely long Christmas holiday that means Dylan and Xander have only gone back to school and pre school today and the needs of the subject of this post, about whom an update is long overdue. Amelie is now six weeks old and to say she has grown fast already would be an understatement!

Kate has been an absolute legend at feeding Amelie and she’s gone from 8lb to almost 11lb in no time at all. The baby grows that were hilariously too big to start with – which made her look like Harry Houdini halfway through a straight jacket routine – now fit her nicely and, thanks to a routine scan she had to have due to being in a breech position when she was born, we know that her hips are okay too. All is well!

For the most part, she’s a chilled-out little girl and has fitted into family life with ease. This is no mean feat with all the excitement and rushing about at Christmas, so I hope this means she’ll be able to remain this way – the daily battle of bedtime with Xander is showing no signs of being won any time soon, so if we can keep to one sleep-resistant child that would be marvellous.

We’re starting to make sense of her different cries. Most of them are about wanting to be fed at the moment as she’s on a growth spurt, but I was interested to hear her make a ‘ning’ sound when she’s clearly in discomfort, as Dylan did the same when he was a baby. Having read up on it, I came across Dunstan Baby Language, which I’d never heard of. It makes a lot of sense to me – even though they don’t seem to mention ‘Ning the Merciless’.

Best of all, we’re starting to see smiles and lots of them. Like her brothers at that age, some of her warmest grins seem to be reserved for the curtains and light fittings – like Anchorman’s Brick Tamland, she loves lamp – but we’ve received our fair share too. Her face looks completely different when she smiles and gives us a much better idea of what she’s going to look like when she’s older. My money’s on a mini Kate.

It still feels weird having a baby around – and it’s strange having one of a different gender too – but she’s easily worth all the explosive nappies, sleepless nights and accidental headbutts to the bridge of my nose and I love having her around. I wrote this one handed with her asleep on my shoulder in fact!


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