First World Problems


An infographic showing first world problems.

We’re in that annoying time of year when first world problems somehow feel much worse than the minor irritations that they actually are in the grand scheme of things. is a mobile tyre fitting service which prides itself on solving one of said problems by going to drivers to replace their tyres wherever they happen to be. Based on the infographic above, they’ve challenged me to think about the first world problems I encounter and to give up moaning for a week – here’s how it went!

Day 1

The challenge got off to a tricky start as we received some disappointing news about a big plan we had up our sleeves for the year. Without wanting to go into too many details, it impacts on living space and also some exciting projects I was planning on doing on this blog. I quickly concluded that it was like going a goal down early in a match – it’s a blow, but there’s still plenty of time to turn things around.

Day 2

Another day, another scuppered plan. It turned out that an exciting event I’d been invited to speak at hadn’t received my acceptance email and had found someone else to take my place. A great shame as it sounded fantastic and would have provided some much-needed income too. Still, I reminded myself of the challenge and didn’t complain!

A cat sleeping in a clothes drawer.

Day 3

Soon after noticing that the cat had discovered a new sleeping place – one of Xander’s clothes drawers – we found out that she hadn’t been in there on her own. Some tiny, hopping hitchhikers had found their way in with her too. I stopped myself from having a strop about it by reminding myself that it was quite a feat for an indoor cat!

Day 4

Amelie was on another growth spurt so had Kate up most of the night. Not to be outdone by his baby sister, Xander took it upon himself to wake the whole house pretty much every time we’d all got back to sleep. Still, that’s part of being a parent and sleep is for wimps.

Day 5

The microwave realised that it was out of warranty and duly zapped its final mug of bedtime milk. Not the end of the world though – the replacement was affordable and the oven still just about works so we can use that until the new one arrives.

Wet shoes and socks on a radiator.

Day 6

I’ve always joked that there’s nothing worse than a wet sock, but I found out that there is… two wet socks. And soaking wet trainers too. My attempts at being chipper despite the weather – donning colourful socks instead of my usual black ones – literally had cold water poured on them. Never mind though; the radiator came to the rescue!

Day 7

My web hosting provider’s site kept going down, so that meant my blog and related email account were both out of commission too. Instead, I used the time by filling in my tax return. Okay, okay… and playing a cheeky bit of Football Manager too.

The verdict

As it turns out, none of my first world problems matched those in the infographic, but they were difficult to keep a lid on at the time. I’m pleased to report though that, despite experiencing a week worthy of The Fast Show’s Unlucky Alf, I made it through without complaining about them. Although I’m probably going to go back to my old ways of grumbling about everything, it felt good!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    Oh my word, fleas would be the worst! I would complain about that a lot. Funny isn’t it….I recognise many of the complaints on the infographic but haven’t had any similar issues for a while!

  2. The DADventurer (Dave)

    A valiant effort of not complaining my good man. I don’t think I’d have coped after Day 1. Our microwave has broken too, although it was a few months ago, and I’ve not stopped complaining about it yet!

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