Why being freelance at Christmas is awesome

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I seem to have written more about Christmas on the blog this year than ever before and have come to the conclusion that I must actually be looking forward to it for once. The long and short of it is that I’m a much happier person than I have been in the past couple of years and this is because I’m spending more time with my family and none in an office since going freelance. In fact, there are several other reasons why being freelance at Christmas is awesome…

No secret Santa

I’ll readily admit to hating secret Santa. What’s the point in everyone wasting a fiver on meaningless tat that, in all likelihood, is going to result in at least one person taking something personally and getting upset? Instead, I’ve ordered myself Football Manager 2016 this year – it’s going to be a pleasure to give and receive!

More time off

I made the heinous mistake of booking a day off to see Dylan’s nativity less than two weeks in advance last year. I was still allowed to go, but was made to feel horribly guilty about it despite work being fairly quiet at the time. No such problem this time; rather than being an unfamiliar face at school and pre school events, I’m omnipresent.

No office Christmas party

The last good work Christmas do I went to was ten years ago. Since then, they’ve either been stressful, fleeting lunches as everyone was still too busy or horribly awkward occasions. You know the kind: at least one person gets absolutely bladdered and shares a little too much with the group while everyone waits for somebody else to be the first person to leave. Not this year; I’ll wait until Christmas Eve and help Santa polish off the Baileys.

No Christmas jumper day

I know this has become a charity fundraising event in recent years, but it hasn’t always been and I don’t like forced jollity. I remember being treated like a pariah one year for not turning up in one as I wasn’t prepared to spend a tenner on something I didn’t like. This year, I’ll be making a donation in the comfort of my striped grey jumper. So there!

Christmas Eve

Seriously? What is the point in any workplace opening on Christmas Eve? The top brass always insist on staff coming in, don’t turn up themselves, then have a sudden Scrooge-like epiphany and email from afar to release their minions an hour early. Long after said workforce has run off for a pint or four at lunchtime. There’s no such problem for me this year – I’m having the whole day off and may even grant myself the day before too. I’m such an understanding boss!


  1. Ruth (geekmummy)

    I’m with you on most of those, but working Christmas Eve at our office is awesome. We hold a kids’ Christmas party, and everyone brings their kids in. We get free breakfast in the canteen, there’s a disco, games and activities for the kids, and a visit from Santa as well. Then we get sent home at lunch time. It’s like the whole office just embraces the fact that no real work is going to get done so we might as well have some fun.

    It’s such fun that I’m going in this year even though Christmas Eve falls on my non-working day!

  2. Aaron

    I remember being made to work till midnight one Christmas eve at a supermarket. It really was not the season to be jolly. I totally agree about secret santa being crap, I even extend that onto gifts in general that are given instead of the requested gift cards or cash!

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