Who’s visiting this Christmas?

All eyes will be on the sky this evening as Santa, cunningly disguised as the International Space Station, flies over the UK as he distributes gifts to children all over the world. It may be a surprise to you that the bearded one doesn’t do the whole thing on his own. As well as getting a hand from Tim Peake this year, legend has it that he has little helpers in several different countries.

The creative crew at Stay Sourced have come up with the following infographic detailing some of these mysterious characters and there are some absolute Christmas crackers among them. From a talking goat in Finland to an anthropomorphic poo log in Catalonia, there are some stellar examples of mythology being adapted to ensure good behaviour among would-be recipients of gifts.

If you’re reading this in Germany, Sweden or Iceland all I can say is I hope you’ve been really good. I also feel much better about the empty threats I’ve made to Dylan and Xander about phoning Santa to let him know they’ve been naughty

So who’s visiting this Christmas? Check out the infographic below.

An infographic showing Christmas characters from different nations.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


  1. John

    Fascinating to see the different traditions in different countries isn’t it? What amazes me is how scary some of the Santa variants are. As for the Catalonian log, well, what can you say??

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