Review: Pines and Needles Christmas tree

A Christmas tree.

We are now in December and, as people up and down the land have cracked open their advent calendars and introduced chocolate to their breakfast this morning, I think it’s fair enough to put up a Christmas tree too. I was recently sent this fine looking spruce by Pines and Needles. As well as this six-foot Nordmann fir tree, they provided a base and two mini trees.

As our home is becoming ever more crowded – and because I just don’t trust the cat with a nice, real tree – I started the season of giving by having it sent to my parents’ house. It arrived on time, well packaged and still fresh. Getting it in place was easy; following the instructions, we cut off the bottom inch or so of the trunk and secured it in the well-designed base. We pruned a few stray branches near the bottom of the tree and then cut it free from its netting.

The plastic base of a Christmas tree, showing how the tree is held in place.

The tree has a nice, full shape and I was impressed to see that it didn’t drop too many needles. I can remember plenty of previous trees shedding loads of them as soon as they were in place, so we were off to a good start.

A couple of days later and it still hasn’t lost many needles but, like a bunch of flowers, it needs plenty of water. The base comes to the fore again here thanks to its large reservoir. As long as we remember to keep it topped up, the tree should still be in good condition once all the presents have gone from underneath it.

A view of the tree from below.

All that really remained was to decorate the tree and we went with a combination of traditional reds and golds as well as a few odds and ends that we’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve included them in the vlog below – I apologise in advance for my mum’s 60-year-old fairy who I believe to be on a par with the weeping angels in Doctor Who!

All in all, I’m very happy with this tree. It looks great, has a pleasant scent and will make a nice focal point to the room over Christmas. If you like what you see here too, I have a special offer code to share with readers. You can get a free mini tree, holly and mistletoe when you quote DAD15 at checkout.

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