Five Christmas life hacks

A Christmas tree light.

Christmas is imminent and, if you’re anything like me, you still have loads to do. Kate and I are determined to take things as easily as possible though, so here are a few things we’ll be doing to give ourselves a decent chance. Christmas life hacks, if you will…

Veg out

Preparing the spuds, carrots, parsnips and sprouts can take ages when, ideally, you should be opening presents and keeping a lid on simmering sibling rivalry on Christmas morning. We’re getting as much as possible ready on Christmas Eve and keeping it in water ready to boil. We also never bother with cutting crosses on sprouts – it’s never done us any harm!

Deck the halls

Still got loads of Christmas cards left to put up and no more flat surfaces or string to put them on? As long as you’ve got some sticky tape left, there’s a quick and easy solution. Cut lengths of tape and stick cards to them vertically. Alternatively, if you have any cardboard lying around, cut a ring shape out of it and staple the cards in place.

And clear the decks

Although I’m a master at ‘Bin Jenga’, it’s one game that shouldn’t be on the after-dinner list! Make sure Santa isn’t the only one outside with a sack full of ‘goodies’ on Christmas Eve and get rid of any rubbish and recycling. Also, if your kids have too many toys and there are some they just don’t play with any more, Christmas Eve is the perfect time for them to be quietly bagged up to go to a charity shop. Just don’t tell Woody and Buzz…

Paper work

Who enjoys looking for small parts of new toys that have vanished in a sea of discarded wrapping paper? Not me! We’ve kept hold of some of the larger boxes that gifts were delivered in to use as recycling bins. I’m hoping to use one for paper that’s too torn to use again and another for stuff that has remained largely unscathed. Dylan and Xander may have other ideas…

Reduce, reuse, recycle

As alluded to in my last tip, we keep hold of any paper that can be used again. There’s plenty more that can be repurposed too – pictures from cards can be reused as gift tags, ribbons can always go into the kids’ craft boxes and anything that can’t be reused can be recylced.

Employees of TSB have come up with some Christmas life hacks too – check out their Christmas Tips Guide which includes the following handy hint that I’ll definitely be using when I finally get round to wrapping the presents!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. JOhn Adams

    Love the idea of using sticky tape to deck the halls. Such a simple idea. You also have no idea how often I find myself scouring the house for cardboard boxes because I’ve recycled them all. I will, therefore, keep a few back as recycling bins!

  2. Simon

    You are far more organised than I ever will be. Bin Jenga would be something my wife would love me to engage with in particular! Given my kid is playing with my old toys, I fear I am set in my hoarding ways…

  3. The DADventurer (Dave)

    Some good tips here mate, particularly like the prepping food in advance (I’m guilty of not doing this) and reusing stuff. I’ve thought about using Xmas cards as gift tags for the following Xmas, but kind of never got around to it. Maybe this year…

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