My Sunday Photo: week one

A newborn baby.

We’ve reached week one of being parents to a daughter so there was only one subject I could possibly choose for My Sunday Photo. Seven days ago, Kate and I were nervously waiting for the community midwife to arrive for a nice, chilled-out home birth. Of course, it didn’t pan out like that and you can read about Amelie’s dramatic arrival here.

I took this photo this morning in one of the rare moments in which our week-old daughter wasn’t either being fed or demanding to be fed! She’s a happy little girl – apart from when she’s having her nappy¬†changed – and we’re loving finding out more about her each day.



  1. Lowanda J

    Aww, what a beautiful subject! I bet you’ll be having more pictures of her on the upcoming Sundays. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing at #MySundayPhoto

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