The waiting game

Chairs in a waiting room.

Dylan and Xander may well be on half term at the moment, but it’s just dawned on me that their little sister is now at full term and could make her entrance at any time! We ticked past the 37-week mark a few days ago so are now allowed a home birth, but both Kate and I are getting twitchy given the waiting game that we now find ourselves playing.

A few weeks ago, we were talking about when would be a convenient time for our daughter to be born – with a third child comes a sense of entitlement to a time of birth that fits in with everything else – and we concluded that half term would be ideal. There wouldn’t be the added headache of the school run, it would enable Dylan and Xander more time to bond with her and she would never have to go to school on her birthday. Everyone would be a winner!

But then a flurry of medical appointments came our way as well as a big freelance project that had been in the pipeline for a few weeks, suddenly making half term the most awkward time imaginable. So far, we’ve got away with it. I’ve taken Xander for his flu shot and She-Ra for her annual vaccinations without missing anything life changing. Today, Kate and I took Xander to hospital to have his ears tested – the conclusion seems to be that he has selective hearing – and we all caught up with my sister and her family who were making a flying visit.

It doesn’t get any easier though. Tomorrow, my legendary uncle is heading to my parents’ house to celebrate his 70th birthday – which, of course, we don’t want to miss – and I’ve got deadlines and calls with my freelance clients coming out of my ears. Ordinarily, these are nice ‘problems’ to have, but I’ve got a nagging feeling that child number three will show up in the middle of them all.

We’ve spent loads of time in waiting rooms and seen way more family members than usual. Then there’s the fact that, as the bump has dropped significantly and caused her a horrible amount of discomfort, Kate is now walking like a zombie. With all this in mind, everything seems to point to an inopportune arrival while we’re trying to pretend to be out when the trick or treaters come knocking on Saturday night.

Please don’t arrive early, baby. Bonfire night would be better!


  1. Tim

    Good luck, Tom. With Kara, she decided to leave it until 18 days late before turning up – even later than both her brothers. There’s fashionably late and then there’s *really* late …

  2. Mummy Fever

    Oh bless you – if only they were ordered for a particular day right? All my four were soooooooooooo late so we felt like we were waiting forever. Good luck! #PoCoLo

  3. Fred

    Selective hearing isn’t really a condition, is it? I mean, we all have selective hearing to some extent don’t we? I happen to know from experience it only takes a few years of being a parent to develop a rather strong case of it…

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