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We’re now four weeks away from our due date and have been gradually getting everything ready for the arrival of our daughter.

The crib is down from the loft, new mattresses have been purchased for it and the Moses basket. Meanwhile, our neighbours could be forgiven for thinking that she is already here, given the number of newborn clothes that have been on the washing line!

It’s surprising, then, that we haven’t been quizzed much about the name we intend to use.

Of course, we’ve got no intention of revealing it – even though we’ve had it ready and waiting for over five years, having had two boys so far. And I think this shows what a tricky business the ‘name game’ can be.

Our rationale is that we love the name and don’t want to be told about awful people who also happen to have it!

Another common challenge can be that of avoiding name-calling in later life. After all, nobody wants their child to be picked on for having a different name or one that works unfavourably with their surname.

I won’t give examples, but I’ve met people whose parents clearly had minds that were too innocent to think of the potential ‘fun’ people could have with their chosen monikers.

I think it’s always useful for expectant parents to know the most common names at a given time. Not necessarily so they can choose one of them for their child, but also to give a rough idea of what some of their future classmates will be called and whether they’ll fit it.

Ladbrokes Bingo has just published the UK’s most popular baby names, so I was curious to see what they were. I have to admit that I was worried there might be some celebrity-inspired oddities among them. But was pleasantly surprised that they’re all, in my humble opinion, lovely names. With one exception. Mine!

I’ve never liked being a Thomas. Tom is fine, but the full form? No! Going back to the book, it’s traditional names that dominate. Oliver, Jack and Harry are among the most popular for boys while the girls include Olivia, Jessica and Isabella.

Was our chosen name among the top ten? No, but I’m happy that it will go nicely with those that are on the list. How about if we’re in for a surprise and have a boy?

To be honest, we’re still not sure what will happen in that eventuality. At least we now have some recent inspiration to draw upon.

I can tell you now that it won’t be Thomas!


  1. Choco

    Love the article. Everyone keeps asking the name we have chosen for our child and it is getting harder and harder to keep it to ourselves. We have gone well off any top 10 list, at the moment our chosen name is one my wife has made up. God help our child if any ‘fun’ is poked!


    1. Post
  2. Matty Lewis

    All the best buddy, only recently went through the same situation. What a dilemma, we are so happy with our final name and no doubt you will be too.

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