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Comedor y Escaleras : Modern dining room by Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

Tomorrow is the start of a new era in our house. We’re reintroducing Dylan and Xander to the wonders of the dining room! Before I went freelance, we used to eat together as a family every evening when I got back from work.

Although we often had different meals due to Dylan’s refusal to eat anything he didn’t like the look of, it was nice to sit down as a family and hear about each other’s days. Sadly, this has fallen victim to our new routine – mainly down to me starting and finishing late so I can do one of the school runs – and the boys have become used to eating a fair few of their meals on the sofa. A complete parenting fail on my part!

Thursday night was the tipping point. Dylan was doing his best impression of a Galápagos tortoise, slowly munching on his food while transfixed by a previously recorded episode of fellow grazer, Shaun the Sheep, when I had to run to the shops. When I returned 20 minutes later, he was still eating it! To make matters worse, he was consuming the peas and sweetcorn individually like popcorn. Argh! Enough was enough.

Without wishing to sound old fashioned, I think it’s so important to regularly eat together as a family. Mealtimes are often the only time that families have a realistic chance of being in the same place at the same time and it makes me sad to think that we probably haven’t been communicating with each other as well as we used to.

Then there’s the fact that it’s actually a really nice room – not as nice as the picture on this post, obviously, but homely nonetheless. We have a nice round wooden dining table and traditional carver chairs. It also happens to be the room with the most pictures on the walls – there are several photos of happy family memories as well as prints of when we used to go on holidays.

There’s a lot of life in the room, which is at odds with the fact that is has become little more than a thoroughfare to the kitchen. Both Kate and I grew up having our meals in dining rooms with our families and it did us no harm, so Dylan and Xander are going to do likewise. So it’s one last hurrah for the sofa and we’ll be dining together tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post, however my intention to swap the sofa for the dining room table is deadly serious!

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