National Wallpaper Week

A close-up of some textured wallpaper.

This week is the inaugural National Wallpaper Week and, do you know what? It’s got absolutely fantastic timing! We recently had a new bathroom installed and needed to finish the job by decorating the bare walls before our baby is born next month. To celebrate the week, Graham & Brown have come up with ‘the seven feelings of wallpaper’ and asked bloggers to match their tastes to a corresponding day.

Three rolls of wallpaper.

For me, the bathroom is the one quiet place in our house – there’s a reason our cat, She-Ra, takes refuge from Dylan and Xander in there! – so I elected for today’s feeling, ‘calm’. As part of the recent refit, we’d had natural stone effect tiles put in and we already had a wood-effect floor, so we wanted something in a complimentary colour. We chose Earthen Beige, which has been designed for bathrooms and kitchens.

Wallpaper and tiles with a mirror showing the same wallpaper on the opposite wall.

As well as the beige and cream tones of the sculptured vinyl wallpaper, I really like the textured tile design and think it adds an extra dimension to the room. Our bathroom is one of the larger rooms in the house and also the one that gets the most natural light, so it was important to choose something that made a virtue of this rather than being too bright and stark – that would have anything but a tranquil effect!

A brown bullet vase in front of some beige wallpaper.

I have to be honest and admit that Kate did all the hard work. Although she’s nearly eight months pregnant now, she wouldn’t entertain such strange notions as relaxing and letting me do it. She’s the resident wallpapering expert in our house though, so it made sense. I think the results are brilliant; we finally have a bathroom which is complete and it definitely has a calming influence. Kate can now enjoy a nice, relaxing bath – I’m putting my foot down about that!

A cat in front of wallpaper that matches her fur.

In a happy coincidence, the wallpaper goes very nicely with She-Ra so even the cat is a winner. Or maybe her omnipresence in the room had a subliminal influence on our choice. Either way, we’re very happy with the results and are all feeling the benefits of a more chilled out, ‘me time’ room.

Disclosure: Graham & Brown provided me with the wallpaper to help produce this post.


  1. Molly

    Big kudos to Kate for such a fab job! And She-Ra for complementing the scheme so well (and to you of course for the blog 🙂 Looks very lovely, all set for for when your new baby arrives (congratulations) x

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