NSPCC Alfie the Astronaut campaign

A child in an adult's spacesuit.

According to a survey published by the NSPCC today, one in seven adults in the UK achieved the job they dreamed of as a child – including one who said they became an astronaut. I’m definitely one of the lucky ones – despite not having ambitions that were quite as lofty, I ended up in my career of choice and have been happily writing for a living since getting my journalism qualification in 2004.

While I worked hard for it, I’m under no illusion that this is all down to me. I had a very happy childhood and my parents were always supportive of everything I wanted to achieve. I believe that is a key reason for why I’ve ended up doing what I always wanted to.

For the record, the top ten childhood dream jobs were:
1. Doctor, nurse or other health professional (10%)
2. Footballer (9%)
3. Teacher (7%)
4. Writer/journalist (5%)
5. Police officer (4%)
6. Train driver (4%)
7. Actor (3%)
8. Zoo keeper (3%)
9. Pop star (3%)
10. Astronaut (2%)

The survey results accompany the launch of the NSPCC’s new campaign which features a boy called Alfie who dreams about becoming an astronaut. As we watch him training at space camp he tells us how the NSPCC helped him and his mum recover from domestic violence.

The film aims to show that, when a child is free from abuse, they are free to dream again. The full version launches exclusively on Channel 4 during Educating Cardiff at 9.10pm tonight and will be introduced by Educating Yorkshire star, Musharaf Asghar. In the meantime, here’s a 30-second preview.

I love watching Dylan and Xander using their imaginations when they’re playing – they’re going to be successful restaurateurs if their current favourite role plays are anything to go by – so think this is a really effective and heartwarming concept that will resonate with people.

Further details about the campaign can be found on the NSPCC website.

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