My Sunday Photo #46

An empty stage ready for panellists to take their places.

Last week I entered a local film competition and, although I didn’t win, I got a special mention for my acting from one of the judges (who, by the way, has been in loads of films and TV shows). Yesterday, I went to a place called BAFTA. While these two facts are in no way related, it was still a brilliant experience as I was speaking at Mumsnet’s second annual Bumpfest event.

I was part of a panel aimed at telling expectant dads what to expect and joined The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage, Dean from The Natal Family and Al from The Dad Network. I really enjoyed taking part and hope that people benefited from attending it too. I went to a couple of other sessions while I was there and, with baby number three now around seven weeks away, it was a really useful refresher course – thanks for inviting me, Mumsnet!

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  1. OneDad3Girls

    I hope you had lot’s of fun. I can’t believe there’s only 7 weeks to go.

    Thank you for linking up

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