My Sunday Photo #45

Two young boys looking at some beans and blackberries.

I love going to my parents’ house. Obviously, seeing them is the main reason we go thereĀ most weekends, but they also have a massive garden and the boys love running around it. Our gardenĀ is small and, to be honest, uninspiring, so it’s lovely that they’ve got a private outdoor space to play in.

Yesterday, they made themselves useful too – there were loads of beans, blackberries, tomatoes, apples and courgettes to be picked and they were very helpful. We’re going to be eating most of our haul today – I think they’re going to be less helpful with that!

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  1. DannyUK

    My kids are always keen to dig up the veggies at nanny’s house, but as you say, they are equally keen to avoiding eating them! #MySundayPhoto

  2. OneDad3Girls

    Sounds like a great weekend activity. Nothing better tasting that the food you’ve picked

    Thank you for linking up

  3. HodgePodgeDays

    Harvest time! I think it’s great when kids get involved in growing things and then picking the results. However they need supervising by the strawberry patch – all outs were gobbled by a greedy boy!

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