Go Sober for October

A banner with the slogan 'Go Sober for October'.

This is going to be a challenge and a half… Macmillan recently got in touch to ask me to help raise awareness of its Go Sober for October campaign. And by ‘help raise awareness of’ I also mean ‘join it with’. Having had a couple of jobs in the charity sector myself, Macmillan is an organisation that I’ve always admired – both for what it does to help people and for the excellent work of its fundraising and communications team.

As the name suggests, the campaign encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October to help raise vital funds and support Macmillan to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone.

Without trying to make myself sound like I have a drinking problem, taking part in this campaign is a big deal for me. Although I don’t drink every day, I do enjoy a few glasses of wine or pints of real ale and don’t think I’ve ever gone more than the odd week without alcohol – let alone a month. And these ‘weeks off’ haven’t been down to choice either – they’ve only taken place when I’ve been on antibiotics or suffering with man flu.

I also often go to Eastbourne Beer Festival with my friends in October, so will be skipping that this year. One of the things I always look forward to is the Harveys Star of Eastbourne beer that is produced especially and  we used to queue up early to make sure we got some before it ran out – which it always does!

Also, of course, Kate has been off the booze for seven months, so I hope this acts as a small show of solidarity in the last full month of pregnancy.

So, unlike with other undoubtedly worthy causes that I’ve helped by neglecting to shave, I feel that I’ll be doing a lot more to show my support with this campaign. I’m determined, therefore, to recruit as many other ‘Sober Heroes’ and to raise as much money as I can for this excellent cause.

Why not join me? Sign up and be a Sober Hero for Macmillan, to help ensure that no one faces cancer alone.

You can sponsor me on my Go Sober for October page. Any donations will be very welcome. Thank you!


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