A meat-ing of minds

A close-up of barbecue food.

I haven’t been to many blogger events to date but, now I’m my own boss, I’m hoping to put that right. It was great then to meet up with several local bloggers last week at Asda’s ‘Brighton Blogger Meat up’. Nope, that’s not a typo; the event took place on National Burger Day so it would have been rude not to indulge in some delicious food and questionable burger puns.

Upon arrival at Brighton station, we were taken in a yellow bus – that, I’m reliably informed, runs on recycled cooking oil – to a mystery destination. The venue in question was a fancy pad a couple of miles outside the city centre. We were greeted by a live band and drinks reception as well as a serious looking barbecue set up, complete with a gazebo and the menu carefully written out on a chalkboard.

A chef preparing food with a chalkboard menu in the foreground.

It was great to chat to so many interesting people about such a variety of things. I picked up some great photography tips, learned about Paleo diets, chatted about the merits of taking a sabbatical and the unparalleled awesomeness of children’s cartoons during the 1980s as well as about burgers, Brighton and blogging, of course. I must also mention the typo on my name badge – sorry, Shaun! – but it was good to see that somebody got the obscure zombie reference that gives this blog its name too. The badge was quite a conversation starter!

An ID badge for an event. It should say 'Diary of the Dad', but instead says 'Diary of the Dead'!

Being a greedy person, I intended to try everything from the Asda barbecue and burgers range but have to admit that I was talking to other bloggers too much to have time to do so! I managed to put away a vintage Cheddar beef burger, a pulled pork burger and some Halloumi with chilli as well as a variety of salads and they were all delicious. The pulled pork burger was my favourite and I’ve already added them to the shopping list we keep on our fridge. Quite honestly, I’d have no qualms about eating a whole pack of them. Probably just as well that I was exercising my jaws chatting instead!

I’m really glad I went; it was a quirky event, I made some new friends and discovered a new favourite burger so that can’t be bad. Big thanks to Talented Talkers and Asda for organising the evening. Same place next year, guys?


  1. Rosemary

    Pork Belly agrees with you on the pulled pork, although he wolfed down two portions of the salmon! We don’t get out much either, but really enjoyed chatting to you so hope we’ll MEAT again soon:)

    1. Post

      Well it would have gone to waste otherwise – wish I’d eaten more! Great talking to you both and hope to see you at another event soon. 🙂

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