My ideal family car

Three expensive-looking toy cars.

Now this post may seem an odd one for those who know me well as I’ve never learned to drive, but today I’m writing about my ideal family car! Although I’ve never been behind a wheel Kate has a licence and, as we’re soon going to be outnumbered by children, relying on public transport is going to become tricky. It’s time we got a motor!

So what would our criteria be?

Safety first

One of the reasons I’ve never learned to drive myself is a healthy fear of accidents, so it’s essential that we get something that’s renowned for its safety features. I’d want airbags for every seat, an anti-lock braking system, blind spot warning, the lot!

The bigger the better

As there will soon be five of us, it’s going to need to be big enough to accommodate three growing children in the back. I’m not thinking about getting a ‘Chelsea tractor’ or anything like that, but enough space for three child seats is a must.

It ain’t easy being green

I always have one eye on the environment with anything I buy and cars don’t have the best of relationships with the ozone layer, so anything that we get needs to be as environmentally friendly and fuel efficient as possible. No gas guzzlers for us, thanks.

Geeky gadgets

Just in case I ever learn to drive myself, I’d want some geeky gadgets to make me feel both in my element and that help is at hand. So SatNav and a parking sensor as standard would be on my wish list, as well as voice controls and back-up cameras.

More mod cons

As we’re talking in ideals rather than what I’m going to be able to afford – especially as I would need to take out a personal loan – we’d want something to keep the kids quiet. During my recent trip to Berlin, I was driven back to the airport in a car which had generous TV screens for the passengers in the back seat as well as localised air conditioning for good measure. I definitely want mod cons like this!


I tried searching for a car that ticks all of the boxes above and, unsurprisingly, found it to be somewhat out of our price range, so I’d definitely need to take out a car loan for something like this. I think it was the TV screens that tipped the balance; they’re so pretty though!

Which features would your ideal family car have?

Disclosure: this post was written in collaboration with TSB.


  1. Juan-Carlos Rodriguez

    I can totally relate, we just “upgraded” our car too. We had a 2 door hatchback for 10 years and it served us well. But with a new baby, my wife was finding it harder and harder to get our son in and out of the car. We bought a family-fix which we thought would help, but as he has gotten heavier she has found it extremely difficult.

    I looked online and wanted something like an A4 or a Volvo but ended up with a hatchback as the boot space was bigger. When we test drove the car, the pram, family fix and baby went along, just to make sure it would work!

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