It’s National Male Grooming Day!

A shaving mirror

Did you know that today is National Male Grooming Day? I have to admit that I didn’t know such a thing existed until Mira Showers gave me the heads up recently. To mark the day, they’ve asked bloggers to write about the routine that takes place above the bathroom taps and the important role the bathroom plays in it.

I have to admit that I don’t spend much time at all on my appearance – and it probably shows! I’ve normally got some form of beard, so don’t shave often and am also guilty of only bothering with moisturiser when my skin appears to be dry. Add to this the fact that, with considerable help from my dad and uncle – also fondly known as the Chuckle Brothers – I’ve been helping install a new bathroom this week and my time in front of the mirror is very brief.

Three male grooming products.

As a result, we’ve been staying at my parents’ house while ours is covered in dust and grout so I’ve used it as an opportunity to make more of an effort. To help with this, Mira Showers sent me a range of products from Ruffians. So here’s my three-step routine…


Thanks to Xander’s natural immunity to sleep, I don’t get as much kip as I’d like and genuinely feel that I’ve aged a fair bit since becoming a parent, so I rely on washing my face first in the hope that it’ll wake me up. The Ruffians daily facial scrub certainly did the job and left my skin feeling amazingly fresh and hydrated. An alien feeling to me!


Next up is the the hair. Even though mine is usually fairly short, I can’t shift bed head without washing it and won’t leave the house without having done so. My approach to buying shampoo is to get whatever’s on a buy one, get one free. While this is undoubtedly thrifty, I’m probably neglecting it a bit and my styling regime is to just straighten my hair with the towel so, I really don’t do much. That said, it is important to me that my hair is clean and doesn’t make me look like an idiot.


As I mentioned before, I don’t tend to use moisturiser much – in fact, I use it most in winter when the cold weather basically forces me to – but know that I ought to. I’ve been using the Ruffians stuff for the last few days and am noticing the difference so will be making an effort to do it every day, lest I age horribly!

So there you go; my rather limited routine. In many ways, I’d definitely consider myself a modern man, but grooming hasn’t been one of them! That said, it’s felt nice taking better care of myself so I’m going to take this as the friendly shove that I needed to make more of an effort. New bathroom, new regime!

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