Dare to care

A first aid kit with a selection of male grooming products in front of it.

The friendly folk at Dove Men+Care are on a mission to prove that caring makes a man stronger. I agree with this sentiment, so was more than happy to take part in their Dare to Care challenge. They sent me a first aid box which included tissues, plasters, Rescue Remedy, a Starbucks card, some fancy thank you cards and envelopes and of course, three products from their Hydrate range. My job was to give the items to others over the course of a week and report back on how I’d helped them out.

The summer holidays are prime time for little mishaps around the home, so it didn’t take long for the care kit to be called into action. Dylan woke us up with a nosebleed one morning, while Xander is always bumping into things and incurring the wrath of our cat, She-Ra, so the tissues and plasters came in handy very early on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera, so this picture is a recreation of the events of a morning in our home.

A man and his son with a first aid kit. The son is holding his nose.

Then there was the Rescue Remedy. Kate is 25 weeks pregnant now and, by her own admission, has been feeling a little up and down. I thought this would be perfect for her so, after checking with the midwife as per the instructions on the leaflet, put four drops in a glass of water for her. It seemed to give her the boost she needed, so that was another patient cared for.

My parents then popped round for a cup of tea. Dad had left his shower gel at the leisure centre after five-a-side the previous night so I gave him the bottle of Dove Men+Care Hydration Balance body and face wash. I also gave him the shave cream from the same range. Both products are clinically proven to leave skin moisturised and stronger so he was happy.

Two men with cheesy grins and thumbs up holding some male grooming products.

I haven’t had the chance to use the Starbucks card yet, but I’ll be treating my best mate, Rob, to a coffee next time we catch up. I know he’ll appreciate it – and that he’ll go for the most ostentatious one on the menu as he doesn’t do ‘normal’ drinks!

That just leaves the Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydrating Cream which, to be honest, I’m keeping – well, we have to look after ourselves too! It includes glycerin which holds moisture in as well as emollients to keep skin soft and hydrated and silicone to prevent dryness. I badly need this as my skin is always giving away how tired I am, so it’ll work wonders for me.

A father and son holding a pack of plasters. The son is holding his head, pretending to be hurt.

All in all, I think I’ve done well with the challenge. I like to think I’m a caring sort anyway, but I’ve dared to care and helped people out as a result. I ought to use the thank you cards to show my appreciation to Dove Men+Care!

Disclosure: this post was produced in collaboration with Dove Men+Care. And, yes, I had fun putting it together.

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