Top tips for a good night’s sleep

I think I can speak for anyone with young children when I say that sleep deprivation is one of the biggest challenges of early parenthood. Although he’s three years old now, I can still count the times that Xander has slept through the night on one hand, so I think it’s fair to say that I’ve missed out on more than my fair share of kip! I’ve become used to being slow, a little forgetful and, at times, completely useless.

I’m always receptive to tips and advice on this front so this infographic from Sleepy People is most welcome. I knew that my twin crutches of coffee and wine weren’t the smartest of ideas but was surprised to learn that my sleep patterns over the last couple of years have seen me going to work with the same level of impairment as someone who is over the drink-drive limit. That’s definitely not good!

Tips include dropping screen time before bed – another thing I’m guilty of – and having a nap. Now I’m my own boss – and as my office also happens to be my bedroom – I’ll be taking this advice!

Disclosure: this post was produced in collaboration with Sleepy People.


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