Review: Vileda Cleaning Robot

A cleaning robot

With two kids and a cat in the house, our floors are rarely perfectly clean – a little bit of understatement for you there. If I’m being really honest, I just can’t be bothered to do the vacuuming every day. I was very happy, therefore, to hear from Vileda who have branched out into producing electrical cleaning products and especially so when I spotted that there was a cleaning robot among the new range.

I have to admit that my first thought was that it would be fun to train She-Ra to ride on it. Common sense prevailed, however, and I realised that it would also be a great way of keeping the floors clean without having to do much myself.

The best thing about it, of course, is that you can switch it on and leave it to do its thing. It uses sensors to stop it falling down stairs and, when it bumps into something, it turns and goes in another direction, so there’s no need to worry about leaving it while you do something else.

I tried it on the landing at the top of the stairs and, despite there being a tiny area in which for it to react, it stayed put. It has three cleaning programs for different sized rooms and has been designed to perform well on different hard floors and short-pile carpets.

The robot operates via a three-step cleaning system. There’s a side brush that’s not dissimilar to the ones seen on street sweepers, two counter-rotating brushes and, of course, vacuum power for sucking up dust particles. It seems to pick everything up well enough and collects it in a tray that is easy to remove for emptying.

Being a free-roaming device it’s rechargeable and, according to the manual, can last for up to 80 minutes. I’ve used it several times – including straight from the box – and have only had to charge it once, so it lasts well.

The cleaning robot has been designed for light use so I will, of course, still be doing the proper vacuuming once a week, but this will reduce the effort and that suits me. Sadly, I didn’t manage to persuade She-Ra to use it as a car, but she did get on it of her own accord the other day, so I live in hope.

A cat sitting on a cleaning robot.

More importantly, we have cleaner floors with the minimum amount of effort on my part and that’ll do me.

The Vileda Cleaning Robot has an RRP of £149.99.


  1. Daisy Brock

    I dream of having a robot vacuum cleaner since I heard of their existence! The thought of having a machine that will clean the floor instead of me I feel very good. The problem for me is that all of the robot vacuum cleaners that I have checked are incredibly expensive. The Vileda Cleaning Robot seems really effective and it is affordable for me! I will definitely consider it if I decide on buying one! Thanks for sharing! Greetings!

  2. Jasmine

    Hi there, thanks for your review. I ended up buying this vacuum but now I’m struggling to find replacement parts (filters and brushes). Just wondering if you’ve found a supplier for these items? Thanks!

    1. Post

      No problem, Jasmine! I’m reliably informed that you can get spares on Amazon. Hope this helps!

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