Review: Hisgadget chargers

A portable charger with a device attached via a USB cable.

Disclosure: I received these Hisgadget chargers to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate link.

What’s worse than a device running out of charge? Several devices running out of charge at the same time. And what’s worse than that? A laptop with a paltry number of USB ports at said time.

A first world problem, I grant you, but one that infuriates me! Here are two potential answers to this eternally thorny problem, courtesy of the friendly folk at Hisgadget.

iClever six-port desktop charger

A six-USB charger.

It’s fairly obvious what this first one does but, just for the avoidance of doubt, it enables you to charge six devices at once. If that’s not impressive enough, it’s designed using Smart ID technology which identifies the maximum amount of power each one can take, thus ensuring that it doesn’t damage them by transferring too much.

I put it to the test by charging two smartphones, an MP4 player and my Fitbit tracker for just over an hour. Three of the four were completely flat beforehand, including one of the phones which registered at 79% afterwards.

The second phone – which is a couple of years old and rather cantankerous – went from 11% to 65%. I wasn’t expecting it to get as far, so it did a good job.

In addition, I tried charging my Google Nexus tablet which had been dead for weeks – properly dead that is, not just out of power. I wasn’t expecting it to achieve anything as all attempts at bringing it back to life via the wall had failed, but it worked!

The Smart ID must have had something to do with this. I’m delighted to have my tablet back and will be exclusively using this charger on it from now on.

Price: £18.99

Intocircuit power bank

A portable charger with a device attached via a USB cable.

Despite being a portable charger, this power bank boasts the same Smart ID technology as the desktop charger, so is also designed for optimal charging for any USB device. This one has two ports as well as an LCD display to show exactly how much power it has left.

Thanks to its aluminium alloy shell, it’s nice and sturdy too, so I’ve got no concerns about it getting damaged if it gets knocked in my bag while I’m out and about. Another handy feature is an LED flashlight; having looked straight into it by mistake, I can testify that it’s really bright!

It took an hour or two to charge via my laptop – it comes with a micro USB for this – and was ready to put to the test. I needed to charge my older phone and MP4 player again, so I tried it out on them. Just like its Hisgadget stablemate, it performed admirably, getting them both to full capacity in around an hour.

Price: £28.99

I think both chargers are reasonably priced. I recommend the desktop charger in particular; it’s really handy and is responsible for my tablet having the new name ‘Lazarus’, so I’m happy!


  1. Neil

    The iClever is right up my alley. Very surprising that it was that efficient in charging all of those items. My experiences have been that wall charging was superior to portable charging but your review has me rethinking that knowledge.

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