Review: Adlens Sundials

A man wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Here’s a well-timed product review for the fantastic weather we’ve been enjoying of late! These sunglasses from Adlens are different to your usual pair of shades. This is because you can adjust their focus to suit your vision.

Adlens started life ten years ago as an initiative to correct refractive vision in developing countries. Having worked at an organisation that addresses vision problems in some of the world’s poorest countries, I’m well aware of the importance of innovative approaches and technology.

So it’s pleasing to know that this is a product that has made a real difference to people. It’s also good to see that the company’s philanthropic approach remains a key part of its culture. It donates a pair of glasses to someone in a developing country for every pair of selected eyewear sold through the website.

The sunglasses are made using ‘Alvarez’ technology. This employs innovative lenses comprising two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates. When the dials – that are discreetly located at the top of the frames – are turned, the plates glide across one another, varying the power of each lens. Clever stuff!

I need to wear glasses when I’m using the laptop, so these unlock the opportunity of making the most of the weather and working outside.

Close-up of Adlens sunglasses, showing the variable lenses and dials for adjusting them.

The versatility afforded by the variable lenses lends itself to several outdoor activities and, as they can be adjusted to suit different needs, can be shared. Useful for those times when the person who forgot their sunglasses inevitably ends up sitting on the wrong side of the table at a family barbecue!

They’re made of lightweight materials, have a unisex design and, of course, offer full UVA and UVB protection. This means they’re suitable to be used by pretty much anyone. I’m really impressed by the simple but effective way in which they work and, looking at the Adlens site, I’m not the only one. The range has won several awards for design and innovation.

Adlens Sundials retail at around £30 a pair.

Disclosure: I received a pair of Adlens Sundials to review and keep.

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