Which Mr Men or Little Miss character are you?

A copy of the children's book, Mr. Worry.

“Look at those funny lines on your forehead, Daddy. You look like Mr. Worry.” That was the innocently uttered but brutal home truth that Dylan hit me with the other day. He’s right. I’ve been really stressed over the last year and it’s probably become evident on my face.

Back to the chap he compared me with though; Mr Men are all he talks about at the moment. Whenever he mentions a particular personality trait he’s witnessed in someone, he always tells us which Mr Men or Little Miss character they’re like.

I don’t want to be Mr. Worry, so who else is there? I think I’ve proved I don’t qualify to be Mr. Happy right now while Mr. Tickle is a bit of a bastard who deserves an ASBO.

Mr Bump and Mr Clumsy are also out of the equation as I’m good at staying on my feet – having to stand on the train all the way to work helps with that – as are Messrs Mischief, Funny and Silly as I’ve become far too serious of late. I think I share attributes with several – but here are the five Mr Men I think are closest to yours truly…

Mr. Noisy

To put it mildly, I’ve never had a problem with projecting my voice and Dylan seems to have taken after me. If you ever find yourself in need of a foghorn, give us a shout.

Mr. Fussy

I have some fairly obsessive tendencies and, although I evidently don’t measure the blades of grass on the lawn like he does, I have to admit that I share a few foibles with this fussy old fusspot.

Mr. Busy

As my dad would put it, I’ve been like a blue-arsed fly over the last year, so I definitely qualify for this one. It’s been non-stop for me and, with the exception of Christmas, I’ve only had one full week away from work.

Mr. Sneeze

Ever since we got She-Ra, I’ve been prone to sporadic but nonetheless epic sneezing fits. On Sunday, I inadvertently shampooed the carpet over 40 times, so I could definitely be this guy.

Mr. Cool

Okay, this last one is definitely not me, but I think it’s important to have aspirations and I hope that the big change I’m going to blog about on Friday will transform me into this chipper chap who can do no wrong. We’ll see!

Which Mr Men or Little Miss character do you identify with?

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