Boy or girl? Eight (questionable) gender predictors

A toddler touching a pregnant woman's tummy and looking confused.

Tomorrow we’ll be going for our 20 week scan and we’re looking forward to finding out which denomination of baby we’ll be having. Naturally, we’ve been speculating as to whether it’s a boy or girl a lot and have been looking for things that were different to when Kate was pregnant with Dylan and Xander. Of course, we’ve noticed nothing of note so, just for fun, we’ve been looking at some of the theories out there and what they would mean to us if they weren’t complete tosh…

Skull theory

This one is based on the shape of the baby’s bonce in the picture on the 12 week scan. If it looks like a Neanderthal, it’s male and more delicate features indicate a girl.

Verdict: It’s a boy

Knocker knowledge

This old wives’ tale has it that, if one breast is bigger than the other, it’s indisputable evidence that it’s one gender or other. I won’t lie; it’s had its knockers. Left for girls and right for boys. It was a tough job to do the judging, but I took it in hand. So to speak.

Verdict: It’s a girl

Ring on a string

Nope, not an extravagant alternative to soap on a rope, but another weird belief that people have sworn by. Tie your wedding ring to a piece of thread and dangle it over the bump. If it moves in circles it’s a boy and if it swings from side to side it’s a girl.

Verdict: It’s a boy

That’s sick

If the expectant mum doesn’t experience morning sickness in the first trimester, it’s a boy. This is quite clearly bollocks as Kate has suffered horribly every time and, obviously, the two children we have so far are both boys.

Verdict: It’s a girl

Sweet or savoury

This one’s based on what the mum-to-be fancies snacking on during the pregnancy. Sweet things point to girls and salty foods to boys. Kate has craved savoury food more but, to be honest, that’s always been the case anyway.

Verdict: It’s a boy

Chinese whispers

The Chinese gender predictor is like a really rubbish maths question. Take the mother’s age at the time you got jiggy with it and multiply it by the month in which the baby was conceived and if an even number is returned you’re expecting a girl and odds are boys. It’s based on an ancient calendar and, like the Mayan 2012 prophecy has been proved wrong millions of times over.

Verdict: It’s a girl

Mum holds the key

A similar and equally daft notion to the ring on a string test. Put a key in front of the expectant mum and ask her to pick it up. If she does so by the round part, it’s a boy and if it’s by the narrow part it’s a girl. This is obviously foolproof…

Verdict: It’s a girl

Sod’s law

We’ll be happy with whatever we have as long as it’s healthy and hates Arsenal but, with two boys already, it would be nice to have a girl this time. On this basis, it seems certain it’ll be another little lad.

Verdict: It’s a boy

Did you try any of these or, indeed, other methods? Do you know and that have 100% success?


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  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    I usually look at the shape of the bump – and most of the time I have got it right 🙂 I hope that it all goes well and look forward to hearing which it is. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo (which was it then?!)

  2. Ben

    Great article Tom!
    One of my favorites is if the misses looks fade while pregnant, it’s a girl ‘sucking the beauty’ away from her… otherwise it’s a boy
    Moral of that story – always tell the wife she’s having a boy

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